Where and how to buy vintage furniture

vintage furniture

It is really creative and full of fun to beautify your house with exceptionally stylish vintage furniture. Just like all the other things, there are more than a few important things that you should be considering at the time of buying vintage furniture. This is the way by which you can make sure you have got the best value of your money. We will recommend that you keep reading if you are interested in buying the best vintage furniture for your house.

Vintage furniture bedrooms and living rooms are very popular.

vintage furniture bedroom
vintage furniture bedroom

A buyers guide

You must have the idea which period the vintage furniture belongs at the time of buying it. This way, you can be sure that you are decorating your complete room in the same timeline. What is essential for you to know about this particular type of furniture is that it should never be mix and matched from different times. Do you think that is going to be an easy task? Of course not! You will need some time to get educated and do it correctly. After some time, you will be able to do that quite accurately.

How to identify vintage furniture?

how to identify vintage furniture
how to identify vintage furniture

Sometimes you can’t even figure out if the item of your choice is vintage one or not? There is a possibility that you see even the refinished items are labelled for the same price as the original ones. Or you can also find them with their handles and knobs changed. You’ve got to be very careful while shopping… this is where you can get them. You have got to examine all the aspects of each and every piece carefully before getting into a deal.

Careful examination

Don’t let them fool you! You should know they are very tactful in displaying their goods. They display their items in such a way that it is hard for you to inspect them thoroughly. If you find something that is coming in your way, ask the salesperson to move it away. You must check all the corners, every single hinge, drawers, and cabinets of the furniture you are interested in. Do not hesitate to do that… Are you not getting it for free?

find vintage furniture
find vintage furniture

Be confident and do a little bit of homework

That’s true! Just like any other thing, homework is important. You must have an idea of what you should be looking for. You must have a rough idea about the worth of every piece you will be looking for your dwelling. You have to be very confident while bargaining. You must learn how to control your emotions because if the seller saw you dying for a piece, chances are you won’t be able to bring down the price of that piece.

The reputation of the company

The thumb rule for the peace of mind is, always go for the brand name! This is the only way you can stay safe from the imposters. Look for the people who are into this business for decades. Chances are you will get superior quality!

Where to find vintage furniture?

where to find vintage furniture
where to find vintage furniture

The easiest and most reliable way to buy real designer furniture is to contact a professional reseller who specializes in the delivery of interior items from all over the world.  But the better the “vintage” business is organized, the more expensive the product will be for the buyer. In specialized stores, you can find really rare designer items in excellent condition, but the prices there will be very high. The best way to decorate the interior with vintage items is to look for furniture yourself — regularly held thematic fairs of real vintage author’s furniture of the XX century. Small sales are carried out by vintage furniture collectors, as well as owners of restaurants or art galleries that have unnecessary items. Old furniture can also be searched on the Internet for yourself.

5 tips on how to choose the right vintage furniture

meaning of vintage furniture
meaning of vintage furniture

– Make a list of things you want to buy. Without it, you can easily buy a lot of unnecessary things;

– To at least approximately orientate yourself in the price, browse the Internet for a few catalogues of antiques. And if you have found something worthwhile, be sure to trade;

– Do not rush to examine the furniture, pay attention to the shape of the design and material of manufacture – they must correspond to a certain era;

– On furniture, there should be no traces of repair, replacement of any of its parts, joints of various kinds of wood. Handmade work allows for unevenness;

– The vintage furniture legs are a good indicator of authenticity – they must be kept intact, without foreign inserts.

How to care for vintage furniture?

care vintage furniture
care vintage furniture

To make antique items last longer, you should be aware of some rules when taking care of them:

– Optimal temperature is 64 °F. Good ventilation will help to save furniture from high humidity, especially during the heating of residential buildings.  In case of low humidity vessels with water are saved, which can be placed next to interior items or underneath;

– Do not put antique furniture near heaters and batteries;

– Polishing of antique furniture should be protected from sunlight. Periodically, you can rearrange the furniture from one side to the other to the window;

– In order to avoid permanent damage, furniture should not be moved on the floor, and it is better to lift and move it;

– Only do dry cleaning with dust settling agents;

– Decorative elements or hard-to-reach places should be cleaned with a soft brush or brush;

– Iron parts should be wiped with ammonia without extra work;

– The most gentle cleaning should be carried out with a cloth with clean wax;

– Deep polishing is advisable to entrust to professional restorators.

How old is vintage furniture? While the official history of our sofas, wardrobes and stools begins with antiquity, the flourishing of the furniture business is considered to be the XVIII century – it was then that the main styles and techniques of manufacture, relevant to this day.

who buys vintage furniture
who buys vintage furniture

Who buys vintage furniture? Vintage furniture is a permanent elite lot at many famous auctions. So the meaning of old furniture is not only interesting from the historical point of view objects but also a perfect example of luxury and style, actual and in our time, where plastic, glass and metal control. And if you don’t have that kind of things, start building your collection. Perhaps you will become the founder of a great family tradition.

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