Teen’s room: tips, photos, examples

Ideas for Teen Rooms

The most important thing to achieve in a teen’s room is to make it practical, simple, and cheerful. Teens live a rushing life and do not settle for much detail, and that’s why the modern decorating style is better for them because it is much simpler and more practical to give them everything they want along with the stylish look. In this post, we are presenting you with a collection of modern teen rooms that are simple with a fantastic contemporary style.These rooms include furniture that gathers all that a teen might need in his or her place, and various colors are available to suit girls and boys. You can see a modern, simple bed with a studying desk beside it in most of the rooms because teens need to study a lot and thus a comfortable studying atmosphere must be available.

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A lot of shelves are also present whether on the desk or in the form of wall shelves, these are important to consider when designing a teen’s room because they have a lot of stuff to store, and you can also put decorative items like vases in the shelves to decorate the room. Wall shelves come in many innovative designs that are not familiar, and all look amazing that your teen will undoubtedly love it. If two teens are sharing the same room, then one of the designs is useful, having two separate beds and a studying desk between them that are used from both sides to save space.

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Amazing pop colors are used in these rooms to make them vivid, which is something that all teens love. You can see yellow, red, black, blue, green, and purple. All of them are great colors, and you can choose the favorite color for your teen.

Cool Wall Decorating Ideas for Teen Rooms

a girl’s room

The decoration of the teenager’s room depends on his taste and style, and a wall is the right place for expressing himself. Here’s a collection of interior design ideas concerning the teen room wall decorations from wallpapers to stickers to please your teens and allow them to add the decorative touch they like in their room; check these ideas out.

Cool Wall Decorating Ideas for Teen Rooms

A black wall in the teen’s place is an excellent idea because it adds a fresh street spirit in addition to giving the room a character, and of course on this wall the decoration is unlimited; it can be decorated using stickers or photos, the black background will highlight the label and give value to the decor. On the other hand, for a girl’s room, a flashy wall color will look so fashionable, and it will provide a pop ambiance to the place; orange, yellow, or red are the trendiest pop shades for a vibrant room atmosphere. Another idea for the decoration of teen room walls is painting the wall in two different colors; they can be two shades of the same color to create a beautiful harmony or two contrasting colors that bring a more dynamic look to the room.

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Because teens are usually very related to their friends at this age, they may like to be surrounded by their photos with their best friends. For that, you have many ways to decorate the wall; you can use the most straightforward way, which is sticking the photos directly on the wall randomly or organized, or you can pick your favorite teen photos and create by them a giant wall sticker that covers the whole wall. Remember also that wall shelves are the traditional way to expose pictures in frames besides other decorative items. If you prefer to give your teen’s room a specific theme; it’s straightforward to apply this theme using wall stickers.

Modern Teen Rooms

Choose his favorite topic and get the wall sticker that expresses it; it may be a sticker for a famous football player, a silhouette for sports players, a famous star, funny clothes patterns for the fashionistas, butterflies…etc. And one of the most fashionable ways of decorating the wall in teen’s rooms is using graffiti. Most of the teens are so passionate about this youthful art, and they would love to decorate their room walls in the same way of decorating the street walls these days, but don’t bother yourself of how to apply this kind of drawing because there are now available stickers with graffiti motifs.

Cool and Practical Bunk Beds and Lofts for Teen Rooms

Practical Bunk Beds for Teen Rooms2

Bunk beds and lofts became very popular in teen rooms because most of their rooms have limited spaces, and thus practical furniture must be used.

Practical Bunk Beds for Teen Rooms

Bunk beds and lofts don’t occupy much space while giving teens a lot of necessary furniture pieces. Bunk beds and lofts also give the room more free space to make it more comfortable.

Practical Bunk Beds for Teen Rooms1

Bunk beds can be used for teens sharing the same place, or for friends sleeping over. What’s impressive about this collection is that it is not the same as the known styles of bunk beds and lofts already found, you can see creative ideas which look fantastic.

Lofts for Teen Rooms

You can find a unit that includes a loft bed that has a studying desk beneath it, while the other bed is added on the floor beside the desk. Another style includes having a unit composed of two studying desks at a level, and beneath them, two beds are pulled out to be used when needed; this idea offers a lot while taking minimum space.


Lofts for Teen Rooms1

You can also place the beds over a chest of drawers so that you can enjoy the height and have a storage place to keep all the stuff. Some loft beds are made to be reached through ladders that act as drawers at the same time for more storage. Some designs have the bed on the ground while the studying desk is put at an elevation, and the bed can be put underneath the counter to be pulled out only when needed. These bunk beds and lofts come in various colors that can be suitable for girls and boys, and all of them look great.


Lofts for Teen Rooms2


Lofts for Teen Rooms3

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