Room designs for boys

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If you are about to renovate your boy’s room or maybe design a new one for him. Still, you have no idea about how to create it to be practical and exciting for your boy, then check the pictures presented here for inspirational purposes that will help you.

Bedroom designs for boys

The collection shown here offers fantastic bedrooms for boys that combine everything they want in an exciting way that will appeal to them. You can side a full bed, and the main idea is a complete wall shelving unit behind the couch that offers a lot of storage spaces to store all your boy’s stuff in an organized way that makes him get what he wants quickly. You can add various decorative items on these shelves like a baseball, a small trophy, a cassette, and more. These shelves are also handy to store books, magazines, and more. If you want more storage spaces, you can add some drawers, or a chest of drawers, or maybe other wall shelves on another wall because teens always have a lot of stuff that needs to be stored.

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The fantastic thing about all the bedrooms is that a color theme is chosen in each one, if the room is blue then the wall is painted blue, you can see blue furniture, and even the bedding comes in blue with stripes. The same with other colors like green, grey, and black. The design of the room is completed using a rug, curtains, chairs, or bean chairs, chandeliers, portraits, and personalized stuff that your boy likes. If your boy likes music, maybe you can add a guitar for decoration, or if he loves football, then you can add the ball in the room.

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Designing your boy’s bedroom might be something that’s not very easy for a lot of people; boys have their own thinking and can’t be easily pleased. Your boy’s bedroom must be practical so that it combines all his stuff, and must reflect his personality to make him love it and be pleased with staying in it. This is a especially for boys to choose the best one that matches with your boy’s personality and favorite color. Designing the room depends on the available space and the number of kids sharing the room.

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For single rooms, you can add a bed, a side table, and a closet and maybe a studying desk. If space is small, you can go for a loft bed that its lower area is used as the studying desk, and several shelves are available for storage. Some of the really innovative ideas offered which appeal very much to all boys are to have their bed in the shape of a car or train. This style is very boyish and makes the room totally special for any kid because it includes something new, not just the usual method of beds.

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Another idea includes adding a favorite theme to your kid, like having a wallpaper of space planets or rockets if your kid loves science fiction or cars if he loves cars. If your kid loves the sea, then you can make it the whole theme of your boy’s room, like having the bed in the shape of a ship with its sail, and paint the walls to match with this look. Add a musical instrument if he loves music, a bean chair having the shape of a soccer ball if he loves soccer, and many more idea. Everything depends on your boy’s preference. If you have two kids sharing the same room, then bunk beds are the best option in case of small spaces, they save a lot of space and give each boy his private bed.

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Bunk beds are offered now in amazing styles and colors, and the upper bed is reached through amazing ladders. If space is larger, then you can add two separate beds that can come in various styles like ships, for example. You can add three beds beside each other if you have three boys sharing the same room. Complete the look of the room by painting the walls your kid’s favorite color, and add some decorative items that can be sportive or musical according to his preference so that he would be happy with his own room.

Cozy conventional boys room designs

Cozy conventional boys room

If you are not into the modern styles and feel that they don’t please you, then a conventional method is sure to give you what you want. If you wish to your boy’s room to feel cozy, then a traditional form will be perfect for him. These bedrooms really have a special feeling, and will make your boy feel that his room is so personalized and unique. You can see different styles of bed, whether a separate bed, bunk beds, or loft beds. The choice of the perfect bed is made according to the space you have, and if the room is designed only for one boy or two boys sharing the same place. Everything is traditional, and you can see in one of the rooms that a chest of drawers is made resembling suitcases put to act as drawers.

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If your boy loves sports, then fill the room with the equipment of the game he likes, like these rooms that contain football equipment and balls. An upholstered sofa is definitely something really conventional and offers a comfortable seating place for your boy to read or relax. A wooden studying desk with curves is very useful for boys to study. The look of the room is completed by adding amazing portraits of maps or animals, and a lot of wall shelves are also added in a traditional style to store your boy’s stuff. Cozy bedding is found on all beds, and lovely curtains and rugs are added. You can also add lamps, bean chairs, or armchairs for a nice touch in the room. Putting a small tent inside the bedroom is one of the most excellent ideas because boys like this stuff and gives them a special feeling, and they can stay in the tent and read or play.

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Boys might seem hard to please and that making the perfect room for them is just impossible, but these fantastic new designs offered made the task really easy for all parents to find the best rooms that reflect their boy’s personality. Boys’ rooms are provided for different spaces, and if space is small, you can still make a really cool room for your boy by using practical furniture. The basic furniture that you need in the place is the bed, closet, shelves, and studying desk. There are various designs for these elements, and they can be made in the form of one unit, gathering them all in a small space, while if the area is more extensive, then you can get each piece of furniture separately.

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Utilize every corner or space in the room to make use of it correctly, and to let some free space in order to prevent having a large or messy room. Colors add a fantastic style to any room, and boys love various colors like black, brown, green, blue, red, white, and more. Just pick your boy’s favorite color and get his room in it to make it unique. Add printed bedding, curtains, rugs, and other decorative items to complete the design of the room.

boy’s room loft

Shelves are significant in the case of teenagers because they have a lot of stuff and need storage places to store all their things in an organized way without making the room messy. Trundle beds are also a smart idea if your boy invites someone to a sleepover, trundle beds take the space of one bed but act as two beds when needed and look contemporary and decorative. Add drawers if you still need extra storage spaces, and you can add individual items in the room that you boy loves like a punching bag or maybe a basketball hoop.

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