Replacing the broken patio door handle

Replacing patio door handle

Is your patio door looked tired and the weather it has seen better days? The patio doors tend to slightly hammer with all that Mother Nature throws to get it.

If the bit stiff or dropping it may be time to replace your patio doors. “It will be expensive.” I hear you say. Well, I say, not necessarily with some basic DIY skills and tools you can just replace the door itself.Replacing broken patio door handle

For instructions on how to replace your own patio doors:

  1. The distance between the patio door should be easy, just be careful when handling glass. Record your door apart by removing part of the sliding door and fixed units and all screws.
  2. Remove the safety plate that prevents the door from lifting, and remove the cover from the slide, remove the screw.
  3. Take a second plate with the same method, remove the screw. Take a roll with a screwdriver.
  4. The removal of the mainframe should be easy. Check the area under the frame so that the remaining free of screws, pieces of wood or metal.
  5. wedges ensure that new patio door frame straight, square and level ready to receive a new door. Fix the door frame by frame fixer.
  6. Enter the new sliding doors with threading the top of the door so it applies to rail on the frame and fold the bottom edge of the door and let it fall gently on the lower rail.
  7. Do not put the adjustments to the door, lock the door and the sliding mechanism and ensure that the door opens and closes smoothly and, and that it is locked and unlocked with ease.
  8. Install cut all the parts to make a nice looking neat. Plaster repair, which may have been damaged when removing the old frame.
  9. Close the outer frame with mastic or silicone to seal the weather is good.

If in doubt about replacing patio doors from a professional. Read the instructions provided with the new door and follow all safety recommendations.

To improve the appearance of your property and patio doors have great practical significance, they can even add value to your property so it pays to make sure that they look good and are regularly inspected for smoothness.

Make sure the rails are free of dirt and small rocks that can inhibit sliding doors and can cause damage.


– of wood;

– plastic with internal metal frame;

– glasses with metal or metal-plastic frame.

The optimum choice is the doors made of glass. They have excellent thermal insulation, quickly installed, do not cover the view on the patio from the room. The frame is better to choose from plastic – it is in care unpretentious, and under the sunlight does not change its shade, as with wood. Another advantage of plastic doors – they practically do not give shrinkage when installing correctly.

Wood is a cheap but short-lived option. Also, the wood fades with time, dries, due to which on the perimeter of the decorative inserts there are slots, and when moisture gets into them inside the door box is a fungus.

But glass doors are also dangerous. In poor lighting conditions, it is not always possible to understand whether they are open or closed at the moment. This is particularly the case with small children. But it is quite easy to fix such a “defect” with decorative stickers.Replacing patio door

Variety of colors

As the patio is in most cases open, i.e. without a roof, a lot of sunlight falls on it as well. This advantage should not be ignored – the door to the deck should be made as open and light as possible. A white plastic frame is a universal option. But you should also consider the already created interior design in the living room. At least from the inside, it is recommended to combine it, which is to choose in one tone with a shade of walls.

If such variant does not suit then it is necessary to choose doors in a tone of dark breeds of wood. Such models of special terrace doors are produced by most manufacturers. They look modern, concise, easily combined with any interior.

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