Refinish your wood flooring in step by step

Refinish Your Wood Flooring

If you have wood flooring under your old, dirty, and soiled carpet, it might be the right time to reintroduce your wood flooring to your home. To introduce your wood floors to your home you will need to clean and refinish your floor for satisfying wood flooring. Therefore, today I will give you a step by step guide to refinishing your wood floor.

The first step has prepped your floor for refinishing. You will need to remove any furniture and carpeting from your room. Cut the carpet in section to remove it easily, make sure you clean your carpet before you remove your carpet so you won’t work on dust. After all carpeting, furniture and people are removed from the room, you will need to move on to the real work.

The next step is to clean your wood flooring by sweep, vacuum, and mop if necessary. You might need to use warm water or cleaning solutions to achieve a clean floor before you move to refinish the floor.

The next step is removing the old finish by sanding your wood flooring. You might use hand sand or chemical sanding.

Install a wood flooring by yourself

Install a laminate flooring by yourself

If you want to improve your home value, installing new flooring is a wonderful way to improve your home and increasing your home value. Whether you want to simply replace the old and damaged floor or go for a high fashion look flooring, you can install your flooring by yourself. One of the best options of flooring you might choose is laminate flooring. Today, I will give you a step by step guide to install flooring by yourself.

The first step is by cleaning the current floor surface. You will need to make sure that you clean your current floor properly so you won’t work on dust later on. You may need to check whether your current floor is structurally sound and still good. You might need to remove any carpet, padding, and remnants from your current floor.

The next step is purchasing the laminate flooring. You could order online and wait for a few days or weeks to receive the laminate flooring. Let the laminate flooring stay in your room at least for 24 hours to make the laminate flooring adapt to your room temperature and moisture.

The next step is removing any trim and baseboards on your current floor. After that, you will need to install wood planks perpendicular to the floor joists. Then, make sure that you roll out an underlayment and fasten it to the floor with a staple gun.

The next step is to check each panel of your laminate flooring for the defect. Make sure that you use good quality laminate flooring and keep the defect laminate flooring. You can use the defect laminate flooring as a substitute or you can put it in the corner.

The next step is beginning to lay down the laminate flooring. You will need to begin to lay down the laminate flooring from the left corner. Works in rows, when you are done with the first row, move to the next.

The next step is to stagger the length of the planks in the second and following rows so that none of the planks ends at the same place. You might need to cut some planks of laminate flooring to fit the row. Continue to build on the next row and connect the joints of the long side of the starter piece with the groove of the last row laid.

Choosing new flooring

Choosing new flooring

Today flooring is surely extraordinary. You will find more than just black and white flooring tile for the house. The carpet even has the classic and modern labeling based on the design, the making method, or the age itself. The fabric development also makes picking the right carpet will be an important step to do. You will get different protection from the different carpet fiber. The hardwood is not something too old to choose. You can see the proof on the latest home interior ideas that set the hardwood as an important part of the modern house. Tile always has a place for many homeowners. The selection also becomes wider thanks to the advanced design method that allows the tile to mimic different design ideas. You can take the one with a stone or wooden based pattern. The laminate will come up when you take the multilayer flooring option. The heavy traffic spot will be commonplace for installing laminate flooring.

No matter what you choose in the end, it will be challenging stuff to get the best flooring within a certain budget limit. You need to find reliable information to get the best offer on the flooring. You can compare the discount price with any other market price. For an accurate comparison, you will need to ensure that the manufacturer and the flooring model are similar. You may find that the carpet color will be the same. But the quality will be a different point when you take the manufacturer’s reputation and the model feature.

You may think that installing the new flooring will be a good option to save more on the budget. It will be a perfect option when you really have the skill and experience to do so. It is worth to note, any wrong installation may cost you dearly. If you doubt to do the job on your own, having a professional flooring installer will be a better option.

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