Most famous and unknown chairs 2020

chair design

Modern chair design: the ultimate convenience

Refresh the interior of the room and give it a completely new-look can, of course, repair! And if you are not ready to completely change the whole environment, but still want something new and unusual, then buy an original chair! In it, you will spend a lot of pleasant minutes reading a book, watching a movie, or just thinking about how beautiful life is if beautiful things surround a person.

 The debate over chair modern design

modern chair design

Chairs aren’t only for sitting. Many chairs are going to have you shifting in them just so that it is possible to find that ideal spot.

Chairs made by designers are mostly made not according to canons, but rather according to sudden inspiration. At the same time, such models may be in higher demand than standard models, especially among people who value contemporary art and are interested in trends in interior design. The category of designer furniture today includes everything that is not made according to standard drawings.

When looking for a chair, it can help to have the ability to narrow down the styles you want. Conventional design style provides classic details, sumptuous furnishings, and plenty of accessories. Employing a design style to steer the invention of a specific product can help preserve consistency and clarity.

 Modernist design of the chair and its features

modernist chair design

– Original appearance. The products are made in an extravagant style, and the classic performance is infrequent.

– To make piece products are mainly used high-quality materials, including plastic, not simple, but has unusual qualities.

chair modern design

– High price. The more original the model is, and the more famous the name of its creator is, the more the product will cost.

– Long service life. As a rule, designer models are developed with a “sight” for a long time of operation due to the design and high-quality raw materials.

– The need for armchairs and chairs to fit into the rest of the room. They do not tolerate ill-conceived solutions in the interior and need to ensure that each item is matched to each other.

chair design

The shape depends not only on the designer’s imagination but also on the purpose of the item. For example, an office chair should be ergonomic, comfortable, and, in most cases, give the body of the person sitting in it a vertical shape because, in another position, it is difficult to work at the table. As for the support, it can be on or off the wheels.

interior chair designed for relaxation

An interior chair designed for relaxation can have any angle of inclination, as long as a person in it can take a comfortable position and relax. It can be a vertical model with a footrest and a side table for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, or it can be a lying structure in which a person can take a nap if desired.

Leather covered chairs

If you do have to use a chair in another region of your house, you won’t only like it to appear suitable but also be simple to move around your home. It’s technically feasible to acquire a chair that would have the amount of adjustability or interchangeable parts that would have the ability to fit a high proportion of the people. Leather-covered chairs are undoubtedly an excellent selection.

 Famous models of designer chairs:

Barselona chair

“Barcelona” –  designed by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1929), has a metal frame and a soft quilted leather seat. Since 1950 it is produced in series.

paimio chair

“Paimio” – creator was Finnish designer Alvar Aalto. The skeleton is made of light birch wood, and it is connected to the monolithic design of the seat. It is made serially since 1935.

LC2 chair

“LC2” –  designed by Frenchman Le Corbusier, together with Charlotte Perrian and Pierre Jeanneret. The frame of steel tubes is brought outward. The soft construction is attached to a solid base. Since 1965 it is produced under the brand name Cassina.

Club chair

“Club” -is the work of Austrian designer Josef Hoffman, made in 1910. The soft model has precise geometric shapes, allowing you to fix the back position conveniently.

egg chair

“Egg”  is created in 1958 by the Danish designer Emil Arne Jacobsen. The model resembles an egg, so it was called that. The base is made of metal, upholstery of the seat, changing its position, made of leather or fabric.

Bibendum chair

“Bibendum” – Model was created in 1918 by the famous designer Eileen Gray. Based on a chrome tube, there is a three-dimensional body, reminiscent of an inflatable man, whose name was given to the chair.

bubble chair

“Bubble Chair” with a unique design, was created by Finnish architect Eero Aarnio (1968). The balloon seat is attached to the ceiling and rotates freely. Despite its apparent fragility, the acrylic model withstands a 120 kg load.

diamond chair

“Diamond ” Stylish chair created by designer Harry Bertoya (1958). The wire chair is produced for more than half a century and does not lose its popularity. Skeleton – welded construction of aluminum bar. Soft seat with leather upholstery is connected to the base with special hooks.

 Unusual models of chairs

The most original and thus claimed in the world models of chairs are some variants.

ball chair

“Ball” seems to exist in all sizes and colors, a trendy model. It has a perfectly round shape, cut in such a way that it is possible to sit inside.

tulip chair

The “Tulip” has variations with and without side parts. The peculiarity of the chair is that it stands on one leg with a round stand.

coconut chair

“Coconut” it looks like such a chair — like a small piece of coconut, inside — pulp in the form of soft upholstery, outside — the skin. It is installed on a steel stand. Can be used both as a chair and as a dining chair.

cone chair

“Сone” of this chair looks very unusual. It fully justifies its name, as it looks exactly like a pastry bag in the section installed on the cross. The back of that chair looks like a heart.

Please see the video (Interior Dezign channel) below:

 How to find a new chair design?

To choose a modernist chair design, you need to be guided not only by your style but also by the expediency of purchase.

Choose a chair of stylish design for the home should take into account exciting trends that will be relevant for many years. Already now, there is a trend towards luxury and wealth, on sale appears massive soft models of rounded shape. But no less popular will be flexible, practical, easily adaptable to the rapid flow of life armchairs made of durable materials. The products made to order according to individual sketches are a success.

new chair design

The demand for natural materials is growing. Therefore, designers will use natural stone, glass, metal, wood, leather, and even textiles, creating unusual, unpredictable combinations. These material combined in a single item, its will allow you to put together such opposing concepts as simplicity and luxury.

interior chair design

Despite the variety of materials for making the basis of the chair, the undisputed leader is a framework of natural wood. Combining with metal or leather, wood chair design are in high demand. But thus they remain an optimum variant in parity of the price and quality.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a chair design that looks gorgeous and also satiates the other seating requirement, then opt for the wooden chair design. According to your comfort degree, you can select the chair design, which best suits you and your family members.

wood chair design

There are various latest and new chair design that will produce the room seem fabulous and distinctive. As a consequence, modern furniture designers started to design furniture that was intended to attain the masses in place of creating furniture solely for the elite.

wooden chair design

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