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There are many blogs with guidelines that can help one to buy furniture. However, there aren’t that many blogs that have a particular guide to help you out when purchasing an office chair. It’s essential to pick the right office chair stool for you since it plays an important role in assisting you in completing your daily tasks. Below are a few hints you may keep in mind before you step from your doorway to buy yourself an office stool or modern home office chair.

Lining and amortization

amortization office chair

If a chair is comfortable or not. At all times, avoid middle -not too soft and not too hard. It is because of a pillow. It is also soft may not provide adequate help, whereas hard surfaces may be uncomfortable.

Material and fabric

Based on the fabric of the chair, your body can breathe more easily. Moreover, the cloth can determine the temperature of your body. Thus, consider your body temperature as a guide when you get an office chair. Meaning, do you get hot quickly? Or do you get cold frequently?

Adjustable office chair

Adjustable office chair

Buy an adjustable office chair that can easily be reached from your chair. Furthermore, choose an adjustable height office chair. Height adjusters are essential because if your thighs aren’t horizontal to the ground, you might be forced to have a slouching posture, which may lead to back problems in the future. It’s crucial to choose office chairs for big and tall people.


Armrests office chair1

Choose computer chairs that include armrests. Armrests enable you to release some pressure and strain off your shoulders and neck. Thus, armrests can improve your efficiency at work.

Armrests office chair

A few more useful tips:

  1. Is there a mechanism in the chair? It is when the seat and backrest are synchronized and automatically repeat the movements of the person sitting: forward, backward, sideways. Thus, without losing contact with the back of the chair, the person is inactive movement, the spine is relaxed; there is no unnecessary tension on the muscles.

mechanism office chair

  1. Is there an adjustment of the backrest resistance? Each person has a different weight, so the effort we put on the backrest has to be compensated proportionally by its strength.
  2. The office chair mesh is as ergonomic as the chair, upholstered in cloth. The mesh is more convenient in the summertime – well passes air, is ventilated.

office chair mesh

You should also pay attention to the purpose of the chair

The director’s office chair should be as comfortable as possible, as the working day for senior managers is usually longer than for subordinates. It should be adjustable not only in height but also in backrest inclination, with comfortable armrests and headrests. The best thing is the office leather chair. As managers are often late at work, the chair should allow them to rest a little, so the presence of massage zones or swinging function will be perfect.

director's office chair

Staff classic office chairs should also be comfortable, with many hours of sitting time per day, but they do not need to have as many additional features as models for managers. The material should be of high quality, durable, but not necessarily as expensive as leather. Such models should be adjusted in height.

Staff classic office chairs

Seats for visitors and conferences are the simplest models, in which the main thing is reliability and consistency with the overall style. As they will not be used for long, you can do it without height and slope adjustments. The possibility of swinging, on the contrary, will distract and disperse both the sitter and all around.

visitors office chair

Pay attention to the wheel

Rollers are considered to be the most vulnerable location for mobile office stool chairs.

wheel office chair

Wheels can have a soft or hard surface. The choice depends on what flooring is used in the office: if it is tiled, porcelain stoneware, parquet, and other hard surfaces, it is better to take an armchair with soft rollers, for comfortable movement on the carpet will be preferable hard wheels. Some universal models cope equally well with riding on soft and hard surfaces. Some models are designed to keep the rollers stationary. Pay attention to this option if necessary.

Color and design

Don’t forget the┬ádesign. The appearance of the piece of furniture is significant both for an office and for a house. A win variant is neutral shades. Black, brown, possibly dark blue – universal colors and, besides, not branded. If the office or the rooms are made in light shades, it is better to choose a chair in tone. A more courageous decision is to make it a bright spot.

bright spot office stool chairs

If it concerns the choice of a computer chair for the home, it is no longer necessary to adhere to a strict office style; you can give free rein to your imagination and buy an armchair of unusual design. It can have the most unpredictable form; will fit well into modern interiors.

feet rest office chairHow do you know you need feet to rest? It depends on whether or not your desk is at the right height after you’ve chosen a comfortable chair setting. If the table is too tall to be reduced, you should increase the height of the chair and use the feet rest to raise the floor level to the same level.


Look video “How to choose an office chair” (YaheeTech channel)


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