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With modern materials and manufacturing, your outdoor furniture can last as long, and in some cases, much longer than your living room furniture!

So many manufacturers are now taking full advantage of the significant advances in frame materials, fabrics, and the finishes used to protect them. Your outdoor furniture can be that “for outdoors.” But before buying your modern outdoor dining furniture, there are several things you should consider. The larger your budget, the more you should think about your considerations.

Perhaps the first thing you should think about is the weather and climate where you live. Do you live in a hot, dry environment or a cold, damp one, for instance, do you live in southern California or south London?

modular outdoor furniture

There is a wide selection of materials and designs to choose from, and your taste is essential. But, do you have any existing outdoor furniture? Does a grade A teak dining chair fit with a white plastic outdoor furniture, e.g., table. A trendy solution for patio is the modular outdoor furniture.modul outdoor furniture

You can pick up any set of furniture like this.

This is a real find for lovers of changing the design of your patio.

The structure of your outdoor furniture is fundamental, and frame materials come in metals, wood, wicker and rattan, and resin and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). For instance, a quality wicker chair shouldn’t be too light and should have a hardwood frame for stability. Aluminum tubes shouldn’t be too flimsy; if they are, they’ll break. The adage is true: you get what you pay for.

modul outdoor furniture

Coverings and cushions come in heavy grade cotton, acrylics, vinyl-coated polyesters, and olefins, as well as blends of these and some other materials. These are the main fabrics used today. The availability is tremendous, usually with the higher range sets of outdoor furniture, you have the possibility of choosing the cushion covers you want; white, striped, floral, etc.

What about metal outdoor furniture? Aluminum is by far the largest seller in frame materials. Aluminum doesn’t rust, but you might want to look for powder coated, painted or anodized finishes to prevent discoloration. You’ll also find a growing number of cast-aluminum styles, which are heavy but offer highly detailed and intricate designs. Like cast aluminum, wrought iron also offers intricate detailing.

best outdoor patio furniture

But along with steel, it can rust. Powder coatings on steel and rust retardants on steel and wrought iron can retard rusting. You’ll want to check the finishes as you shop and make your selections.

Wood outdoor furniture ranges from teak at the high end to a wide range of other species, including oak and pine, as well as other recycled woods. Resin and PVC are human-made materials that are resistant to sunlight, don’t rust, and have integral color throughout.

Teak outdoor furniture is the perfect choice for any garden

modern teak outdoor furniture

Teak is an indigenous hardwood tree found in the hilly terrains of Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Perhaps some of the best teaks come from Java, where strict harvesting and replanting cycles are carried out. Here you’ll find tips about buying modern teak outdoor furniture, as well as information about caring for it, and a short guide as to how much you can expect to pay for some types of furniture.

Without a doubt, teak the best wood for outdoor furniture, teak has a high natural oil content, which means you can leave your teak furniture outdoors for decades. Teak is an extremely dense-grained wood, and it is highly resistant to rot, warping, shrinkage, and swelling. Did you know that the first outdoor teak furniture was made of recycled wood coming from old sailing ships? Some new benches still exist now in English public parks that are almost 100 years old. It was naturally due to these qualities that made teak popular with shipbuilders in the first place.

teak outdoor furniture

Teak furniture is not cheap, but it will last you years. You can even put it in the garden and forget about it. Just wash it down when it starts getting grubby. So, before calculating your end budget, it is very worthwhile considering that you are never going to need to change your purchase … although a little care and attention will help your teak furniture to last even longer.

So how much can you expect to pay for outdoor teak furniture? Good question. One thing you should know is that there are teak and teak! Some suppliers use handcrafted top-quality aged teak with a minimum age of 120 years! This quality of teak has closed pores and a smooth, natural feel to it. Other suppliers tend to use lower grade teak.

Well, a top-grade teak patio dining chair can cost as much as $600, whereas you can also find foldable teak dining chairs for as little as $100. A classic teak lounger, similar to those found on traditional luxury liners, can start at around $180 and can go up to over $900. Naturally, if you want the best, it does have a high price tag.

outdoor teak furniture

The classical teak bench, an old-time favorite, can start at around $200 and go up to, and over, $1,500. A teak table can start from about $150 and go up to well over $1,600. The variations in the prices of teak furniture pieces depend on various factors, such as the origin of the wood, thickness, and quality, fittings, manufacture and joinery, design, 10-year warranty or 30-day guarantee, etc. Think of it as being similar to a Ferrari and a Ford; both work well and will get you to the supermarket, but are they the same?

Not be confused with cedar, eucalyptus, or any other wood. Teak is in a class of its own. As said above, Ford is a perfectly good car, but it is not a Ferrari. Cedar, for example, while resilient, is not the same as teak furniture.


The right garden benches will last a lifetime

outdoor dining furniture

A standard old favorite in any park. Garden benches can be found almost anywhere, made from a wide range of different materials.

In London’s Kew Gardens and Hyde Park, numerous benches are over 100 years old! The materials used for these classic park benches are teak recuperated from old sailing ships. The fact that they have lasted for more than 100 decades in England’s damp climate is proof that right teak furniture is well worth its money.

Park and garden benches are usually made of hardwood, wrought iron, or a mixture of both. Recently plastic of various qualities has also been used, and so has concrete; not as comfortable as wooden benches and with a lot less charm.

Apart from the materials used, there are other factors to consider when buying garden benches or any other item of patio furniture. You should find; durability, care, comfort, style, and cost. While there are many variables, the rule of thumb for buying patio furniture is an old standby. You get what you pay for.

Let’s take a look at the range of materials (from plastic to wood) that garden benches and other furniture come in. We’ll also look at the advantages and drawbacks to help you decide.

metal outdoor furniture
metal outdoor furniture

Wrought Iron: It’s heavy, so it’s difficult to move. But at least your garden bench won’t get blow away, with the proper care, it can last up to 30 years. It can chip, which can lead to rusting. So chips and scratches should be repaired. It needs to be brought indoors only during the winter months since it can withstand rain and wind. Cast Aluminum: This solid aluminum furniture is stable and durable. It won’t rust or chip. It’s lighter than wrought iron, but not flyaway light. You don’t have to worry about it at all. You leave it outside and forget about it. You can leave it out most of the year, but you should bring it in or cover it during winter months.

Casual Aluminum: This means the frame is hollow aluminum. It’s durable and lightweight, but almost flyaway. It has the benefits of cast aluminum, but it’s not as expensive. It won’t rust, bend or scratch and can last for 10 years. You can leave it out for the summer, but you should bring it in or cover it in the winter.

wood outdoor furniture
wood outdoor furniture

Hardwoods: Woods like Shorea and Robinia are durable and water-resistant but need to be sealed annuashoreally. Some people consider these to be good alternatives to teak. Redwood, a once-popular hardwood, is now hard to find. Many stores no longer sell it because of deforestation. But if you buy a used set or find a new one, it needs to be re-stained at least annually to maintain its color and durability.

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