Canopy bed is a luxury interior element

organza canopy bed

A modern canopy bed is a luxury interior element

modern canopy bed

The canopy bed becomes the center of the bedroom. The person sleeping on this bed begins to feel especially. Canopy is associated with royal chambers, feudal castles, and princess bedrooms. Therefore, many people mistakenly believe that to own a bed with an awning, and you need to buy a villa or a large country house.

In the past, canopies were necessary to protect sleeping people from insects and drafts. Nowadays, canopies are more decorative than necessary. Stylish decoration of frame and fabric creates a cozy atmosphere of privacy and tranquility.

canopy bed

How to choose the right canopy bed 

If you want to equip your bed with a canopy, remember that such a massive construction can visually reduce the size of a small room. It is better to choose a suspended structure with curtains made of light and thin fabric or to refuse from such detail at all. If the size of the bedroom allows, we recommend you to go to the furniture store, where you can choose the right model. As an option – order its production in the profiled company.

The choice of textiles should correspond to the general style of the bedroom. A modern canopy bed has to combine with the interior of the room. A right solution would be to add to the design of decorative elements of the same material as the canopy bed curtains (egg, pillows).

velvet canopy bed

Velvet, tapestry, other heavy cloth.

They have a high density, which allows you to save heat better, protect yourself from direct sunlight. Impenetrable drapery reliably hides the bed from immodest looks, keeping your privacy. And the elegant appearance of heavy fabrics suggests the idea of royal luxury.

silk canopy bed

Linen and silk.

These less dense fabrics allow recreating in the bedroom any atmosphere – from the European restraint to east pompousness. The translucent material diffuses light, providing comfortable illumination. Such structures differ tenderness, pass a lot of air, and simultaneously keep privacy.

organza canopy bed

Tulle, organza, another lightweight, transparent tissue. 

The air cloth wraps the bed like a cloud, giving a feeling of lightness. This fabric is undemanding for the interior: this can be used for canopy even in the room, decorated in ultra-modern styles, which are not suitable for more traditional fabrics.

Canopy bed frame

There are several traditional ways to place a canopy:

crown canopy bed

Crown. This frame is attached to the ceiling. The popular variant presented in the sale by a wide choice of material and coloring. The plastic hoop is cheap. It weighs a little, so the fabric to it is chosen light, airy.

racks canopy bed

The racks are placed on the corners of the bed. The elements have carved ends, which are stretched over a fishing line or curtain cord. There are also variants of the racks crowned with round metal cornice on which the cloth is stretched.

If there is no rack, a frame placed under the ceiling can be used as an awning.

The canopy is simple and elegant, and its curtain is thrown over two or three crossbars: they are fixed to the wall and ceiling.

A bed with a canopy has a number of serious advantages:

  1. A luxurious addition to the bedroom interior;
  2. The graceful design decision;
  3. Visual reduction of excessively high ceilings of a bedroom;
  4. Protection against draughts, dust, insects, and sunlight;
  5. Comfortable morning and afternoon sleep;
  6. Increase in privacy, especially if the bedroom has no doors;
  7. A feeling of peace and security.
gold canopy bed
gold canopy bed

At the same time, the construction has several specific disadvantages.

  1. A bed with a canopy requires space. For bedrooms with low ceilings, the options are minimal. It may be necessary to abandon such a design in order not to overload the area.
  2. Wrinkles of cloth accumulate dust. It is especially dangerous for children and people with allergies.
  3. Regular washing is necessary. It is better to choose a fabric that does not need ironing.
  4. A bed without a canopy looks undecorated.

Color range of canopy 

black canopy bed
black canopy bed

The canopy bed is the main thing in the bedroom. It should set the tone for the whole interior. In minimalism or hi-tech, it will look good white or black cloth. These colors are versatile because they look great in monochrome interior, and is perfectly combined with any other colors.

white canopy bed
white canopy bed

The colored bed is well connected with curtains of the same shade and looks advantageous against the background of light walls and neutral floor. The choice of color depends on the owner’s preferences and interior style, so everyone chooses their own. But don’t forget that a bedroom is a place for relaxation. Therefore, it is better not to use bright, exciting shades here. A neutral range of grey, beige, and milk colors will be perfect. Deep and saturated tones are blue, burgundy, purple, emerald will look fantastic. The best way to relax all the hues of green.


On the effective furnish, the queen  or king size canopy bed creates an image of a bedroom of high style for people who like space. And even though it is the representative of modern classical style, it also feels like home among vintage furniture. The queen canopy bed frame is also a unique style for people who appreciate luxury without limits.

fullcanopy bed
fullcanopy bed

Diy bed canopy

If you decide to make a canopy in your bedroom, remember that this interior element requires care in the form of washing and ironing. Therefore it is necessary to think about what design of fastening it is essential to choose that there was a possibility of its unimpeded removal.

classic canopy bed
classic canopy bed

The traditional design of the canopy bed is classic. Initially, the foundation is supported by supports, on which the fabric is then attached.

Dome canopy bed
Dome canopy bed

Dome – hinged frame, which is attached to the ceiling with the help of a bracket, has a variety of shapes, and the cloth is laid down in such a way that it creates a domed form of canopy.

The half-round is attached to the wall and has an arc-shaped frame. There are maybe variations in the shapes.

half-round canopy bed
half-round canopy bed

Making process:

  1. Mark the place where the canopy will be attached (ceiling, wall).
  2. Choose the shape of the base if there is a possibility to make it independently from the chosen material, depending on the design.
  3. Attach the base to the desired location.
  4. Choose cloth. Take the width and length of the material required for all sections.
  5. Process the edges, decide on the fastening, and make loops.
  6. Attach the canopy.

Making process canopy bed


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