10 rules for choosing the right sofa

How to choose a sofa

How to choose a sofa? We often ask ourselves this question when we want to update our interior.

A sofa is among the most excellent and most significant pieces of furniture you may buy. An alliance of style and function –it is a real commitment. After all, they are often expensive, and everything else in the area revolves around it. But with a seemingly endless number of options, how can you know that what you are choosing is the right one? In the living room, it is a piece of furniture at which we couch, read, drink and eat, entertain family and friends, watch TV and sleep, so it is logical that we take the opportunity to invest in one that is likely to last for decades to come. 

The 10 need-to-know interior design rules for selecting your sofa.

sofa select
sofa select

You know when you are on the search for a new mattress, and you do the age-old bottom evaluation? Well, the same concept applies to a sofa. Usually from 6 to 8 ft. sofa long and 32 to 40 inches sofa depth or 4 to 6 feet long and 28 to 30 inches thickness. The typical range of the chair peaks is typically between 15″ and 20″. The ordinary sofa height steps 17 to 18″ from the ground to the maximum of the cushion. This gives tons of room to manoeuvre when you’ve got long legs, and permits you to tuck them under in case you’re shorter. But seat depths do change, so definitely try out different styles to make sure you get great back support. There is no wrong or right elevation, so again, try before you buy to be sure it suits the entire family. And lastly, check the complete width, excluding armrests, if you prefer to stretch out.


right sofa

If you have been searching around for a sofa, you may be aware of what you want it to look like, and experts say to think function. Your first thought is how many in your family must take a seat on the sofa for movie night. If you’re five, which means you always look at sectionals right off the bat, so we could all be together. If you are single or an empty-nester, we always suggest going with equal solid pieces. This way, you can change them up frequently with bright, throw pillows and blankets.


new sofa

Spend as much as you can spend on an excellent framework — it’ll see you through several years of lounging. A solid hardwood frame is a fantastic alternative, but be careful of particle board or metal structure. Also, observe the warranty before you commit — always opt for manufacturers who offer at least a 15-year warranty.

sofa interior
sofa interior

When selecting a staple in your area like a sofa, don’t let it talk too loud. Silent upholstery cloth is all that’s required to exude timeless elegance. Most prefer some one color palette. Pillows will be the ideal chance to add pattern and color to your area.


interior design rules

If your furniture will have a lot of wear and tear, so deciding on the proper upholstery is remarkably essential. Texture–how it seems at first impression, the way comfy and practical the furniture is for its intended use in the social surroundings. While most furniture stores provide warranties and guarantees, it won’t predict precisely how long the item will probably be used for. You must expect your sofa to endure for five or more decades and about ten if you’re fortunate.


standard sofa size

Recall that what is within a sofa is at least as important as what is used on the exterior. If it concerns the sofa back and chair, feather-filled cushions are high on relaxation, but they’ll need regular plumping, while foam or fibre fillings may flatten out and lose their shape over time. The ideal solution? We recommend picking a mixture of foam and feather as feathers provide the squish while the foam offers construction. Back cushions full of feathers and chair cushions full of foam or fibre works nicely.


interior design rules

Whether you choose a bold color, pattern or a neutral, your selection of upholstery fabric is going to have a massive influence on the area, so select carefully to make sure it matches with your scheme. Natural substances can fade in strong sunshine so go to get a synthetic cloth in the event the sofa will probably be close to a window. It is especially crucial at a busy family dwelling, as well. In cases like this, loose covers are all well worth exploring, since they may be removed for cleanup and a few are washable too. Pets and celebrations are different elements to think about. The truth is that you’ll most likely have to change out your sofas or furniture faster. You will need something with a blueprint since this can usually camouflage a number of those messes which are sure to happen.



There’s nothing worse than purchasing furniture that does not fit in your house, so until you do anything, measure up. Take out the tape measure and be sure that you’re assured of the whole sofa dimensions which will fit suit, your own space. Additionally, check the measurements of any doorways and stairways the sofa might need to pass on delivery — your unscuffed walls will thank you.

If accessibility is restricted, you might have to elect for a low-back design, one with detachable legs or possibly a modular design which may be delivered in segments. Or in case you’ve got a little space, then think about a two-seater or even a snuggler. You have your fantasy sofa in landscapes, but you need to be sensible also. The fantastic thing is that it has never been simpler to optimize a sofa to make it work for you and your own space.

Having a new as a fast guideline, keep in mind that height and thickness ought to be held in resistance of one another. The lower the chair, the more substantial it ought to sit. Should you want your sofa to rest a bit higher from the floor, the thickness should be somewhat shallower. To get a more Timeless appearance, to possibly fit a rustic or farmhouse style, select something a little more casual, with a more excellent and shallower chair.


select comfort sleeper sofa

That is so, so significant. A sofa that is too big for your area will overwhelm the space, and a couch that is too little can sometimes wind up looking just a little absurd.

You will find a few essential rules of thumb that stop your sofa out of becoming too big for your area.

* If your sofa abuts any walking distance, you would like to depart at least 36″ to your walkway.

* Putting an ottoman or cocktail table in the front of your sofa is crucial, therefore is sure to plan for 18″ distance between couch and coffee table.

* If you include side tables into the range, you wish to the elevation of this side table to coincide with the arm elevation of the sofa.

*How far should a sofa be from TV? If your sofa is positioned in front of a TV, the distance between the two is dependent on the size of the television. For a 60″ high definition TV, you want to leave 8-12′ between the sofa and the screen for optimal viewing.

One way to examine the extent of a new sofa would be to tape the approximate proportions. This can help when laying out your area along with other furniture products, but you have to remember – that won’t portray the overall burden of this sofa in the room. It is going to feel much more extensive.


modern sofa

Maintain in mind, if you are buying a pricey customized piece which you intend to keep for the long haul, then choosing something which is now trendy. About color and fashion, we are apt to steer clear of anything that’s currently trending as tendencies tend to manoeuvre over a few decades.

Much like the ideal outfit, the perfect sofa will sense and match fantastic, and dwell on in your own house for several decades. Your new purchase must be a manifestation of your lifestyle and relaxation requirements.

interior sofa
interior sofa

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